Grant Awards Spring 2017

2017 Spring Grant Recipients

P.E./After School WO Cross Training Equipment $2,100.00
Library Suppliment curriculum for new class $1,535.00
Orchestra Anniversary Gala
Orchestra Portable Sound System $671.00
Orchestra Bass & Cellos for Orchestra $2,243.00
Music New Guitar Equipment For Expanding Class $1,800.00
Social Studies In class instruction on basket weaving and what it represented to ancient civilizations  $400.00
Social Studies In class supplement  $215.87
Social Studies In class supplement  $386.88
Total Academics  $9,351.75
Drama BHS Drama/Edinburgh Theater Festival  $500.00
Band Friday Night 1/2 Time Entertainment  $1,700.00
HOSA Attend State Conference $200.00
Key Club Service Projects $350.00
ASB Wolverine Rumble $500.00
Total Activities  $3,250
Foreign Language OWL Organic World Lang. Boot Camp
Special Education OWL Organic World Lang. Boot Camp
AVID Summer Institute $1,520.00
ASB Sports/Activities Displays
Total Administration $1,520.00
Girls/Boys Tennis Tennis Equipment  $1,000.00
Girls Lacrosse Club Lacrosse Gear/Equipment  $500.00
Baseball Portable Pitching Mounds  $1,200.00
Softball New Helmets  $500.00
Boys/Girls Water Polo Head Guards/Exclusion Foul Board  $200.00
Total Athletics  $3,400.00
Total Requests   $17,521.75
 * total including funds from other sources  –
Total Awards Granted  $17,521.75
 Academics  53%
 Activities  19%
 Administration  9%
 Athletics  19%
 Total  100%