Thank you BHS Community for joining the Soup Line again this year!  It’s always so heartwarming to see our school come together for such a good cause and to see teenagers helping other teenagers.  We all know that one person can make a difference but it’s amazing what we can all do together.
         A special thank you to our soup donors-Kirsten Wlaschin and Ivar’s for the Ivar’s
Clam Chowder and Dr. Sharon Kelly, Eastside Dermatology, for the Chicken Noodle an Tomato Soups-we truly appreciate your generosity.
         A huge thank you to Brenda Conrad, my partner in hosting this event every year since the start-we couldn’t have done it without you all these years!  Brenda will be the new vice principal at Woodinville High School next year-our loss is definitely Woodinville’s gain.  Her dedication to our students                        and school over the past 20 years has been tremendous.
We raised $8,624.96 this year-a new all-time record for S4S!!!  In the 11 years we have held this event, our amazing BHS Community has raised a grand total of $56,627.83 for New Horizons that services homeless teenagers in the Seattle area.
And to all of you that attended our event and donated to New Horizons – THANK YOU!
The Soup4Simpson Committee & Kathy Adams, S4S Advisor