Class of 2018 Officers and Parent Committee

Class of 2018 Officers

Kathleen Crosby – President
Kark Kafer – Vice President
Kathryn Hart – Communications
Lusa Fong – Activities
Jessie Mead – Operations
Yasmine Naini – Finance

CLASS OF 2018 Parent Volunteers

Co-Chairs: Lesly Mohr, Pilin Chang
Co-Treasurers: Cindy Smith, Anne Medzegian
Blast Communications: Pilin Chang
Events/Fundraiser Leads: Lesly Mohr, Pilin Chang
PTSA Website Coordinator: Lesly Mohr
ASB/Class Office Liason: Pilin Chang

Raffle Party Fundraiser
1. Lisa Mead      2. Cindy Smith

Non-Party Click and Donate Fundraiser
Lesly Mohr

Baccalaureate Committee
1. Beth Swanson     2. Cris Riva      3. Mishele Barnard

Senior Brunch Committee
1. Lisa Mead     2. Nancy Cirillo

Grad Night Committee
1. Zejing Wang     2. Lisa Mawer     3. Kristina Polzin     4. Lesly Mohr      5. __     6. __

Prom Decoration and Student Support Committee
1. Sienna Rubel     2. Cat Heed     3. Lisa Benko

Junior Hosts for the Class of 2017 Graduation Cookie Reception
1. Molly Lanzinger     2. Susan Maring

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